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FORGE You Into An UNCOMMON MAN Who's Ruthlessly Committed To Living Life At An ELITE LEVEL Across All Domains.



Men Come To This Place When They Want To Become The MAIN CHARACTER Of Their Life & Begin Writing A NEW CHAPTER.

From traveling the world & dating beautiful women, to getting in movie-star shape while building a 100% location-independent income, I've built a life that I am INCREDIBLY proud of...

...& I am ruthlessly committed to providing every man in the Gravel To Castle brotherhood with EVERYTHING he needs to do the same for himself!

From The Desk Of Ken Conklin

Founder of Gravel To Castle

I went through most of my life feeling alone, misunderstood, not truly supported, & having a deep craving for connection.

Not just with women...

(though I did have, from age 18-22, a serious case of ONEITUS, which is a term that refers to not being able to emotionally move on from a female after a breakup, as well as spent many years of my early adult life unknowingly SABOTAGING my relationships with women due to UNRESOLVED CHILDHOOD TRAUMAS that I later had to do deep healing work to both understand and overcome)

But also with fellow men.

I wanted to be surrounded by men who not only shared my PASSION FOR GROWTH and lived by the same values as me, but who I also knew I could GROW WITH and GAIN COUNSEL FROM when life got challenging.

Not just because I wanted a feeling of comradery in my life, but also because I knew how POWERFUL having a strong support and accountability system would be for creating my ideal life.

Let's get straight to the point:

Becoming SUCCESSFUL, getting in great shape and creating an exciting life for yourself is something EVERY man wants to achieve.

NOT ONE MAN ON EARTH woke up today and told himself, "You know what? I want to have LESS money, be MORE FAT and be LESS RESPECTED by women!"

Clearly getting to a better position in life is something every man wants for himself, no matter where he is at in life...

But it's NOT THE RESULT you must pursue in order to achieve it, rather you must pursue BECOMING THE MAN who is CAPABLE of acquiring it. For example, a lot guys struggle with confidence in various areas of life (approaching a beautiful woman, closing a sale, speaking their mind, etc.).

But I don't teach men how to build confidence. I teach them to build EVIDENCE.

Confidence comes as a BYPRODUCT of having evidence that you've done the work to deserve it.

You achieve the end result by doing the WORK that the universe DEMANDS.

And one of the most valuable weapons that you as a man can have in order to create an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE is to have a community of highly ambitious men who are heading in the SAME DIRECTION as you, putting in the same exact reps as you.

This makes the work both FUN and EASY.

This "work" will lead you to step into becoming an INTENTIONAL MAN...

An intentional man who is no longer a victim to procrastination, fear, negative emotions or regret... and does what he knows he MUST do, the VERY MOMENT he knows he must do it.

Why are we the average of the five people we hang around the most? It’s because we don’t live up to our highest potential. We live up to the STANDARDS that those closest to us set for us. And there's a reason I CALL OUT my brothers on our accountability calls when I see them underperforming...

Too much kindness breeds a lack of accountability.

When you hold people to a higher potential, you are telling them that they are WORTH IT. When you hold them to the same set of standards that you hold yourself to, you tell them that “we” are equals.

And that right there is the culture that we've created at Gravel To Castle.

Through the communal efforts of executing specific DAILY NON-NEGOTIABLE PROTOCOLS and implementing into our lives various systems that lead each of us to happier, healthier and more productive lives...

We not only prioritize achieving our own personal goals,

But we also prioritize having an absolute blast while creating LIFE-LONG MEMORIES of coming together as brothers throughout the process!

I don't care about how far along in your journey you currently are...


If what you just read resonates with you then apply to join Gravel To Castle.

Not only is the brotherhood awaiting you, but I've built some incredibly powerful tools that I'll be giving you that I promise will revolutionize your life within the first 24 hours...




Society Values Men Based On Their Ability To PERFORM, & All Your Results In Life Are YOUR Fault...

  • How strong your LEADERSHIP abilities are (women judge men on 5 specific metrics)

  • The amount of COMMAS you see when you open your banking app

  • The physical POWER that your body possesses

  • The quality of your social circle & how high of a STATUS you hold as a man

You Must Not Only Upgrade The Belief System You Use To Operate Inside Of Your Life...

But Also Execute A Series Of DAILY NON-NEGOTIABE PROTOCOLS That'll Enable The Predictable Expansion Of Each Domain Of Life SIMULTANEOUSLY.

You Must Not Only Upgrade The Belief System You Use To Operate Inside Of Your Life...

But Also Execute A Series Of DAILY NON-NEGOTIABE PROTOCOLS That'll Enable The Predictable Expansion Of Each Domain Of Life SIMULTANEOUSLY .


The weaponization of your body through intentional daily training and food consumption.


Your overall well-being and ability to regulate your thoughts and emotions.


The relationships you have with the people who matter the most to you.


The production of profit that you use to fund your life and purpose of existence.

I N T R O D U C I N G :



Get Forged Into A King

CLAIM Your Throne TODAY!




(marketing agency for now 6 years -


(up to age 24 - Ken has an updated life story video arriving to his Youtube channel soon)


4x Your POWER Internally AND In Your Finances, Fitness & Relationships In Less Than 4 Weeks...

...and Ultimately Accelerate Your RESULTS the Next 90 Days and Beyond - Even If You Are BROKEN, BORED or BURNT-OUT...



Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Comprehensive Curriculum & Biohacking Blueprint

Access To Exclusive Platform For Private Network Of Brothers

All-In-One Sales & Marketing Software To Build & Scale Your Business

Top-Tier Accountability Through Daily Check-Ins

Access To Our (*MEMBERS ONLY*) In-Person Retreats & Meet Ups


Here's What's ALSO Included In Literally JUST The 1st Month:

  • A series of Daily Protocols that will WEAPONIZE you with immense Certainty, Power, & Discipline to perform in ANY environment and put numbers on the board, no matter the conditions you find yourself in

  • Twenty three (23) Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Missions that each add Exponential Progress towards your target of drastically expanding WHO you are and your abilities to produce at an ELITE level without burning out
  • Twelve (12) Immersive Evolutions designed to not only ANNIHILATE Destructive Beliefs and Habits that severely SLOW you down and keep you stagnant... but also enable you to PIVOT into a NEW Life Trajectory

  • Two (2) Assessments specifically designed to EXPOSE you to the facts of where you are truly at in literally EACH area of your life... And a proven method for locking in on your next target and ensuring that you reach that destination in record time

  • Eleven (11) Hyper Tactical Systems and Frameworks that will make your workflow exponentially more PRODUCTIVE and EFFICIENT... Ultimately creating MORE TIME freedom for yourself (master the art of systemization, delegation, and tracking KPIs)

  • Insanely Profound Accountability Calls EVERY WEEK with your dedicated Gravel To Castle Trainer who will light a fire under your ass to ENSURE that your expansion is GUARANTEED 

  • Our private community of men who are living the Gravel To Castle Methodology & Code at an ELITE level... Providing you association with other creators, producers, and leaders who will ELEVATE YOU to new heights of brotherhood, accountability, and inspiration of what's TRULY possible for you

+ so much more every single month

Skeptical? Check Out the Indisputable PROOF & Results Created By Just SOME the Men Inside the Gravel To Castle Movement.

"He has a really great framework for being able to get creative with the CHALLENGES that you are facing and be able to overcome them. I HIGHLY recommend Ken. He really knows his stuff, and he can really go deep with you." 

-Neil Zemba

Owner of The Rise Group

"Gravel To Castle teaches you a way to look at your life and realize that there's MUCH room for improvement... It helps you get rid of the things that you NEED to get rid of. I'm feeling that there's a new me coming out of this."

-Patrick Scott

Owner of Spirit of Audio

"I was an alcoholic for 10 years, and that INTERFERED with all sorts of facets of my life. What this company is able to do is help you balance out your ENTIRE being. They're fantastic at the business operational part, but they also focus on who I am as a person..." 

-Barry Rosenthal

Former Creative Director at WCVB Channel 5 Boston

"I'd seen some success, but I knew I was capable of more. Being able to be held accountable on a daily basis by auditing EACH aspect of your life with REAL numbers & data, that's the only real way to move forward. This is the system that'll do it. I'll be a member for life."

-Patrick Pugliese

Buyer & Seller of Mobile Homes

"I had 3 people that I employed to do the same thing that I was doing. My PROFIT in my business increased 3x while my EFFORT decreased. The tools that they supply you with gave me the vision & understanding to do this. They explain to you what to do with your team building, strategizing, marketing, & profit growth." 


Exotic Vehicle Broker

GRAVEL TO CASTLE Is A Mind & Body Training Company That Is Specifically Designed To Help You... 

  • Permanently eliminate L.B.S. (Little B*tch Syndrome), which is what we call not having the discipline and mental capacity to do the very things that you already know that you NEED to be doing in order to achieve your goals.

  • ​Unplug from society's LIES about male and female dynamics, and learn the COLD, HARSH TRUTHS that will enable your previous experiences with women to finally make perfect sense, providing you with a new way of operating that will actually get you what you want (ex: stronger connection & intimacy with your partner, more options of high-quality women who'll be a compliment to your life, more/better sex, etc.).

  • ​Build a business that is a SYSTEMIZED, OPERATIONAL MACHINE that you manage from a 30,000 foot view, producing you consistent cashflow and freeing up numerous hours throughout your week.

  • ​Reprogram your mental framework to not recklessly act off of emotions in times of stress, chaos or darkness, for you'll train yourself to be calm, collected, reserved and HIGHLY INTENTIONAL, making you the most powerful man in any room you enter.

  • ​Turn your body (a.k.a. the SUPPORT MECHANISM for your brain) into a powerhouse of energy that is both nimble and robust, enabling you to physically feel 10x more powerful throughout your day... well as look better naked.

We've Gamified The Science Of Achievement For Men



To Help SET THE TONE For The Next Generation... creating powerful, purpose-driven men who are ACTUALLY capable of not only leading their teams, clients, families and communities, but also creating real impacts in the world. Our target by 2025 is to serve 25,000 men across the globe.

A producer from VICE NEWS reached out to us to film a documentary on the work we've been doing for men...

Posted on their Youtube channel with 16M subscribers, the documentary on us now has amassed over 600K views!

Once a man successfully graduates from our "PHASE ONE" program, he is then invited to attend one of our in-person fitness bootcamp experiences, similar to what you just watched above (only this documentary showed less than 20% of what all occurs at our events...)

Everyday, Men Just Like You Are Ditching The Sidelines Lifestyle

RISE As A Powerful Leader TODAY !

WARNING: The Place You're Currently At In Your Life Is A DIRECT Result Of The Painful, COMPOUNDING Impacts Of Not Having the Capacity, Courage Or Certainty to OPERATE Inside Of Your Life & Business In The Way That Is REQUIRED In Order To WIN...

We know the true pains & desires of MODERN MEN, inside and out...


  • Days filled with constant anxietychaos, stress, and pressure.

  • Bank accounts that are constantly drained empty
  • ​Becoming addicted to social media, porn, masturbation, drugs, alcohol and/or food.

  • Grand plans” that never actually get brought to life.
  • ​Relationships & marriages that don't actually last.
  • ​Analysis paralysis, procrastination and an inability to do what you already know you must do. 

  • ​A weak and always tired body that anchors your ability to move at the speed you wish, constantly relying on coffee or energy drinks to simply navigate the day. 
  • Drowning in feelings of uncertainty, regret, frustration, and depression.


ALL Of Your Problems Stem From The Way You OPERATE On A Daily Basis...

  • Most men have NO CLUE what the important numbers inside of their business are (customer lifetime value, cost per acquisition, net promoter score, etc.)

  • ​Their mornings are extremely sporadic, and they focus on the WRONG ACTIVITIES inside of their business, wasting the majority of their workdays (all while the men inside of Gravel to Castle are delegating, scaling and profiting with immense efficiency).

  • ​They lack our proven system for AUDITING the real facts of their life and business (preventing them from being capable of even knowing where the hell they are truly at).
  • They are "WANDERING GENERALITIES" who operate in a reactive manner (from a place of in-the-moment emotions) rather than true INTENTION (being able to master their mind & make decisions that make sense long-term).

  • They lack immense CONVICTION in their decisions which severely lowers the levels of respect that their team, clients, peers and family have towards them.

  • ​Their relationship with discomfort is centered around FEAR & AVOIDANCE which drains them of their masculine power that is available to them.

We've created, perfected & PROVEN the path for men like yourself to follow...




Have you had ENOUGH?

  • ​Enough of the LIES?

  • ​Enough of the PAIN?

  • ​Enough of the SECRETS?

  • ​Enough of the SEDATION?

  • ​Enough of YEARS WASTED?

Get Forged Into A King

CLAIM Your Throne TODAY!


(NO MATTER your race, socio-economic background, or industry that you are in, the upgraded belief system and daily game of human optimization that our programs will offer you will drastically impact the way you see yourself as a man and operate inside of your life.)

Our Results Are Irrefutable


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